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Duvet vs. Comforter, Understand & Decide

Posted by Andrea Cla. Bedding Specialist on

If you have any doubt to distinguish the difference between duvets and comforters, check out this guide by Wholesale Beddings to clearly understand the difference and decide what the Best Choice is for you.

What is a Duvet?

Down Alternative Comforter /Duvet "Insert"

A duvet is a type of bedding that is a flat bag filled with down, feathers, wool, synthetic fibers “down alternative” and the bag has a soft smooth surface. The duvet originated in rural Europe from down feathers because of its effectiveness 

as a thermal insulator which made it best choice for greater warmth in cold winter nights. Duvet also refers to the insert of duvet covers. Duvets also reduces the complexity of making a bed, as they can be used without a top sheet,blankets or quilts or other bed covers. Duvets can be made warmer than blankets without becoming heavy and usually constructed of high quality fabrics, fill types and weights. When using Duvet it’s recommended to buy a duvet cover so you can protect your investment. Also the duvet cover will making laundering your bedding much easier as you would only wash the cover and just air out the duvet.

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What is a Comforter?

Bed in a bag includes comforter

A comforter is a thick, fluffy blanket filled with polyester or down alternative “synthetic fibers”, used to keep you warm and is sized to sit neatly on top of the mattress, so it’s easy to layer without adding bulk to the sides of your bed. Comforters has a stitching pattern design to keep the fill evenly distributed. In comforters usually there is a fashion statement is some form such as embroidery, patch work, coloring and usually it comes in mutli-piece “bed-in-a-bag” bedding sets. Unlike duvets, the only way for laundering is by throwing the entire comforter into the washer which can results is filling shifting in some way or another. The fabrics quality used in comforters usually of less quality than ones used to make duvets.

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What is a duvet cover?

A Duvet Cover

Duvets to duvet covers is like pillow to a pillowcase. Since Duvets and comforters are expensive to dry clean which makes washing them not an option, however, duvet covers can be easily removed and washed with other normal buddings. Duvet covers adds protection to your duvet and easily enables you to complement your bedroom décor with your colors taste. Moreover, duvet covers are affordable, sold separately and comes in a huge selection of inviting colors.

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What’s the difference between a duvet and comforter?

Both duvets and comforters are used to keep warm. In the United States Duvet can be referred to as a comforter of high quality. However, a normal comforter is usually a slightly different depending on the filling and fabrics material.

A comparison Duvet Vs. Comforter

Duvet “High Quality Comforter”

  • A variety of high quality fabrics,fill types and weights
  • Solid White Color
  • Best to be inserted in a protective duvet cover
  • Should not be washed but covers can be easily removed and washed
  • No need for top sheet,
  • Different sizes available
  • Convenient for redecorating your bedroom style
  • Sold Separately
  • Lasts longer, high durability

Comforter “Usual”

  • Usually made of polyester
  • A selection of different colors and prints
  • Does not need covers
  • Can be Machine Washable with care instructions
  • Top sheets is required
  • Different sizes available
  • Expensive to redecorate your bedroom

Included in bed-in-a-bag-sets

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