A real story of one of our customers who had purchased Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper in King Size. For some reason the topper will not lay flat and has a very large hard raised ridge down the whole length of the topper at the very center where it was folded for shipping. Everywhere else is fine but that hard ridge. “My grandson calls it the divorce line. No cuddling ever Haha”.Cathy Metzger

I noticed the box was opened at one end exposing the plastic...but it was sealed so it didn’t appear damaged. It is almost like the shipping company laid something extremely heavy on it to damage the box as bad as it was and the weight has permanently damaged the mattress topper. We are hoping we are wrong...and there is something we can do because I already have purchased from wholesale Beddings queen size of the same topper. It’s actually amazingly comfortable and have never had any issues with the queen.



24 hours later

I have decided to remove covering to see what is going on with the foam, Is there anything we can do on this end to remove the ridge?

Here it was a spark of me looking for a way to fix this issue. 

I have contacted the company and they were very responsive. They have acknowledge the problem by saying “We've had this happened in the past and sometimes it may take longer for the ridge to go away... perhaps this comforter has been packaged for a really long time and it's taking longer. They recommended to use the topper and maybe turn it over after a few days of use and use the reverse side. If the ridge doesn’t go away after few days of use then they will replace it.

After few days of turning over the topper several times, nothing had changed. Unfortunately, it has made areas drop into a valley and not a peak… well till you reverse it… but it appears that area is permanently damaged. Thinner and squished. At that point I thought that we needed to accept defeat on the turning over idea before we throw our backs out. Kings are heavy and awkwardly large to flip hahahaha. There I have decided to contact the company again asking for the next step?

Well it’s been a few more nights...and it’s still not filling in ... or up. Wholesale Beddings customer service agents offered exchange of this topper. I was not sure if this will work because the original package was damaged beyond keeping and it was pretty smashed up so I won’t be able to ship it back. Getting it down to a reasonable size to ship in a box was not an option. Surely a new one wouldn’t act this way again...the queen we have never had an issue at all. Its the most comfortable bed in the house. We can't get people who stay over to ever leave the room haha.

The agent decided to ship a new topper without the hassle of getting that topper back in a box. Therefore, I have decided to donate it to a local shelter. I was sure someone could get a great locally use with it.

Thank you so much for your help…I never found the fault with your company, I believe shippers had a hand in it. Everything I have ever bought from y’all has been of superb quality. I was referring more friends yesterday to buy sheets and toppers from your company. Haha

The new topper was delivered after noon. Fingers crossed it looks good. I have to wait to open it when “hubby” my grandson gets home. Few hours later I’ve decided to start unboxing the new topper. This time they packed it in a larger box with paper stuffed around it. Both boxes seem not to be damaged this time. Of course I just opened the outer box and have to wait to take it out of the big box...and open it.

First 5 minutes of opening, doesn't look too promising.
Fingers crossed. They seriously need to figure out a better way to fold these for a king. Queen never had a huge bump. See why my grandson called it a divorce mattress? Hahaha


5 Steps to fix a divorce line mattress topper permanently.

I have been testing many thing to fix this issue but all failed until I found out HOW to totally remove the creases and hard bumps. Since Time and waiting does not do a thing to remove them. Follow below steps

1. You remove the zipper cover to get directly to the foam.

2. You fill a water sprayer with warm water. Misting the areas.

3. You massage the water into the foam gel. The water expands the gel.

4. Take a blow dryer and keep massaging the area.

5. For extremely hardened and stubborn areas, wet * a piece of satin (*drenched) and iron with your iron on medium to hot setting. Making sure you continue to wet the fabric. Between the moisture and the heat, it will remove 99% of the crevices, bumps and hardened areas in the gel foam. It is time consuming but totally worth it to save the mattress.


I figured I would pass on my discovery of being able to rejuvenate them. It definitely worked. Wish I would have known the trick for the first one. Oh well...maybe it will help someone else.

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