Everyone loves to sleep and get their 6-8 hours per night. If there is anything getting in the way of our sleep and affecting our life negatively then we must help each other as we can all relate how important our sleep is to us. One of these issues are night sweats during pregnancy.

Night sweats are extremely common during menopause, with as much as 75% of women experience them through that period. Night sweats during menopause have similar causes as those during pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to read and learn about night sweats during pregnancy to comprehend the menopausal version.

The medical term for night sweats during pregnancy is ‘nocturnal hyperhidrosis’, which are cause by hormonal imbalances. These imbalances are a very common during both pregnancy menopause. They can be intense enough to affect sleep negatively, due to the extreme heat or sweat. Therefore, it is very important to understand how to prevent night sweats, because a lack of sleep usually has a negative affect daily life. Furthermore, night sweats during pregnancy is sometimes accompanied by cold shivering.

We have dedicated a post on our blog as this is an issue that we felt is very important and our research has provided us with various solutions to help prevent night sweats during pregnancy. We have compiled a list of various tips that could help stop this problem and restore balance to the body’s hormones.

Tips To Keep In Mind

These tips also ensure a healthier pregnancy journey due to the food/drink that you would want to avoid. All these tips are of course the natural way to help solve this dilemma, but if it persists after following this guideline please consult your doctor.

  • 1.Wear light clothes when going to bed. Preferably loose/baggy clothing.
  • 2.Avoid caffeine and hot beverages (mostly coffee) because it can trigger heavier episodes of night sweats.
  • 3.Abstain from spicy food & alcohol (also a trigger for night sweats).
  • 4.Avoid stressful activities that would lead to anxiety (as anxiety is also a trigger).
  • 5.Avoid exercising in outside when the weather is hot, and the heat is high during the day.
  • 6.Air conditioning during the day is your best friend, as staying cool in the day also helps.
  • 7.Avoid using thick body lotions and oils (especially products that have a lot of fragrance).
  • 8.Some women have stated that applying deodorant to the pulse points before bed has helped (pule points such as inside the elbow, wrists, behind the knee and cleavage).
  • 9.If you have lengthy hair tie or braid it before bed because hair always generates heat, especially when in contact with the skin.
  • 10.Try only drinking water when it’s cold throughout the day (it is crucial to keep hydrated).

There have been many cases where women simply switched to bamboo sheets and the night sweats during pregnancy stopped instantly.

How to stop night sweats during pregnancy

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