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Wake up with determination—go to bed with satisfaction.” Author George Lorimer (1867-1937)


 We all need sleep to maintain our cognitive and attention skills. It energizes us and quiets our minds. Sleep allows us to function and perform better. It enables us to think more clearly, to analyze complex situations which would otherwise be hindered by lack of restful sleep, and makes us ready to take on the challenges of the new day. And we already spend one third of our lives sleeping. It’s the time to make it comfy and restful. Read on to discover the ultimate comfort in Sheets and Beddings.

Bamboo fibers will not irritate your skin as you come in contact with bamboo sheets. It has high wicking abilities because it is highly absorbent. Bamboo sheets have the ability to treat hot flashes due to its natural thermal-regulated properties and highly absorbent qualities. Bamboo fibers are silky-soft, smooth, cool, and resilient.

Why Bamboo Sheets and Beddings?

World Softest Beddings

Bamboo Fabrics is noticeably softer than Cotton Despite this softness, after putting the sheets through many wash cycles (cold wash, delicate), and tumble dry there was no pilling or visible durability issues.


Research has shown that bamboo is able to kill bacteria, fungi, and dust mites even for many years of use. Therefore Bamboo is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic.

Moisture Wicking

Unlike regular sheets manufactured from traditional materials, bamboo comfort sheets keep their users warmer during cold nights and cooler during the hot ones, due to their “wicking” properties, which draw the moisture away from the body, allowing it to evaporate on the outer surfaces of the sheet. This is a wonderful boon for those who experience extremes in body temperatures that would otherwise keep them awake for much of the night. They are of lightweight material and ideal for summer.

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“Just got my bamboo sheets and topper so wonderful. Like sleeping with a fluffy cloud a ground you” Lori Draper Gentry-Goodman 


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