Finding the perfect curtains 

What’s the difference between a room-darkening curtain and a blackout curtain? Aren’t both terms interchangeable and mean the same thing? Well, no. Blackout curtains are mainly used during the winter months or for day sleepers since they possess thermal insulation against cold drafts and trap warm air and they block 99% of light. Room-darkening curtains may be used any time of the year but only block out almost 90% of lights while keeping the room noticeably cooler, not warmer, which makes it more suitable for warmer climates. Likewise, both types of curtains are able to shield against outside noise.

Let’s Explore the Purposes of a Blackout Curtain

Curtains are a reasonable solution for noise, light, and privacy control. Population is gradually increasing so it is only fitting that we require insulation from prying eyes and outside noises, which also offer us the added benefits of tranquility and serenity.

  • Provides insulation against outside noises
  • Almost blocks out 99% of light (sun, streetlights… etc.)
  • Insulates against cold drafts escaping from windows
  • Has thermal properties ultimately allowing you to save on energy costs, because it traps heat between the curtain material and the liner
  • May be machine washed or dry cleaned
  • Protects against UV rays that may be destructible to furniture causing the material to fade

 room darkening blackout



More about Room- Darkening Curtains

Clarifying what room-darkening curtains are should be a tad bit easier, now that we know what blackout curtains are. Room-darkening curtains normally refer to curtains that darken a room and shield it from the sun’s blinding UV rays, without completely blacking out a room. It does, however, lower the high temperature in a room which makes it noticeably cooler, allowing you to relish in the cool air in the hot summer months.

These curtains can be used for your home theater, bathroom, bedroom, living room, or even your sunroom. Actually, it doesn’t matter where you use these curtains, rather, what matters most is how dark you prefer the room to be. They make a good fit for heavy sleepers though.

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