If you are considering a brand-new comforter and do not know what to look for, then read on this guide by Wholesale Beddings and find out what is Best for you.

 When considering a new comforter “duvet insert” you should be looking for both the highest down quality determined by fill power, and also be looking for a design construction that allows the down fill to reach its maximum fluffiness “Baffle Box Construction Design”, additionally should be looking at thread counts and the down types. 

Fill Power

Fill Power in down pillow, down comforter and down duvet insert represents quality, loft and how long these will retain their fluffiness. Down fill power is the measure for space one ounce of down takes up. You can typically find fill power listed on higher end comforters. The higher the fill power, the better the insulating ability and puff up (fluffiness) a down comforter will have. Fill power is a good indicator of warmth and quality.

Fill Power is not a measure of firmness, for example 700 Fill power down comforter is not firmer than 550 down comforters. On the other hand, the 700-fill power is higher in quality and will last longer. While Firmness can be measured by the fill weight and adjusted by the amount of down inside the comforter shell, “duvet insert shell” or the pillow shell (Soft, Medium, Firm, Extra firm). It is important to consider the combination of fill weight and the fill power together. For example, a 600 Fill Power down comforter filled with 40 ounces could be better than 700 Fill power comforters with just 30 ounces.

Fill power facts.

  1. The higher the fill power the larger the down clusters.
  2. The larger the down cluster the better insulation.
  3. The higher the quality the longer it will retain its loft and puff up.
  4. The larger the down cluster the more mature the bird from which it came.
  5. The larger the down cluster the more air it traps.
  6. The larger the down cluster the higher it will loft.
  7. The larger the down cluster the better the insulating power.
  8. The larger the down cluster the lighter the down pillow and down comforter will be.


Types of Construction 

When it comes to down comforters there are many types of construction. Here are the most common and efficient types of construction including baffle box, gusset and sewn through box stitch. You should be looking at the construction design that will keep your down comforter fluffed up, simply because fluffed up down comforters are sure to please and would feel better than flat down comforters.

Baffle Box

Strips of fabric called baffles are tightly sewn between the top and bottom layers of the comforter constructing fabric walls “Baffle walls” that will enable down to expand fully to get the highest loft thus providing you with the maximum amount of insulation to keep you cozy warm at night. Additionally, baffle walls keep the down inside their individual box of your comforter and prevents shifting of the down keeping it evenly distributed. However, typically Baffle Box features a more expensive price tag.

Note! Usually, we use baffle box design with a 1–2-inch gusset for our high end goose down comforters to allow the down clusters to reach their maximum loft while providing you with the greatest support. We don’t use feathers in any of our down comforter but rather down cluster.


Walls are created around the outer edge of the comforter to connect the top and bottom layers. The edges add height to maximize loft. Gusseted comforters can either have baffle-box or sewn-through construction.

Stitch-Through Box

Top and bottom layers of the comforter are sewn together in a box pattern to eliminate shifting of the fill.Box stitch sews the top and bottom layers of the comforter together in a box pattern. This construction type works best for lighter comforters and secures the down material with even distribution.


Note! These designs made from single-ply high end cotton shells with double stitching and sateen corded edges stuffed with white goose down from mature birds living in the coldest of climates producing the larger down clusters are decidedly more expensive to produce and represent the finest luxury down pillows and down comforters in the world.

Thread Count

Thread count is not only important for your bed sheets. A higher thread count means a tighter weave to the fabric making it softer. In a down comforter, a higher thread count, and a tighter weave will determine how well it contains the down fill, making it last longer. *The higher thread count has more threads per square inch. 

Down Types

The structure of down provides warmth by creating thousands of tiny air pockets. However, there is a difference between the types of down.

Goose Down

High end Goose down cluster has a 650-800 fill power which provides greater insulation and considered the ultimate in warmth. While Duck Down have fill power ranging between 500 -600.



Duck Down

Duck Down is considered less fine than goose down and less expensive. The structure of duck down cluster does have lower fill power compared to goose down but still a warm and affordable option for a comforter “duvet insert”.

Down Alternative

Down Alternative “Synthetic Down” made from hypoallergenic polyester fibers which considered less expensive than goose and duck down and does not lose its insulating power when it is wet.

Care and Cleaning

When you bring new comforter home, keep in mind it can take up to 72 hours after unpacking for it to expand and achieve maximum loft and fluffiness. To protect the down comforter “duvet insert”, use a duvet cover to prevent damage caused by spills or normal wear and tear. The duvet cover has closure buttons or zippers which can be easily removed and washed with other bedding sets. Duvet Covers can be efficiently and beautifully coordinated with your existing bedding decorations. 

For proper care, always check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer as some duvet comforters are Dry Clean Only.

Comforter Size Guide

Wholesale Bedding offer Down Comforters “Duvet inserts” for a wide variety of bed sizes including twin, twin extra-long, full, queen, king and California king, oversized comforters/comforter covers, and Oversized Duvet insert.

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