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Construction Material

We got you covered with all you need for all your quality and comfort in water bed sheets construction.

100% Cotton Water Bed Sheets: Features long stable yarn whose fibers are longer and finer, hypoallergenic, super soft and high durability, Thread counts ranging between 300-600 Tc per square inch.


Cotton Blend Waterbed Sheets: Best of both worlds the comfort of cotton and strength of polyester microfiber, features hypoallergenic, wrinkle-free, 650 Thread count per square inch.

Sateen Cotton: Satin or Sateen are two similar types of weave where the surface of the fabric consists almost entirely of floated warp or weft threads. During the weaving process, the warp/weft threads pass over all but one of the threads in the other direction. When used in the weaving process of creating bed sheets it makes them have irresistible softness and durability.

Attached Vs. Un-Attached Waterbed Sheets

The waterbed fitted sheet is similar to the flat sheet except it has an extra triangular fabrics sewn at the four corners and both flat and fitted are sewn together by the footer so bed stays made. The extra triangular fabric sewn at the four corners in the fitted waterbed sheet are turned over the corners of the water mattress and that is how you dress your sheets on your bed. In addition, the fitted sheet is always made few inches larger than the water mattress so the extra fabric can cover the mattress sides when made. The Poles attachment feature is an additional feature that is used to keep the triangular fabric fully opened so fitted sheet doesn’t come off easily. If your sheets include the pole attachment feature, you can insert 12 inches long wooden or plastic pole that is 0.5 inches in thickness (any pole can be used as it’s NOT INCLUDED). That Pole when inserted will keep the triangular fabric fully opened under your water mattress and makes it harder for the fitted sheet to come off. While, Un-Attached waterbed sheet sets are made just like the regular sheets where fitted and flat sheets are not attached at the footer just like regular bed sheets except with waterbed mattress dimensions.

Color Selection & Pattern Type

Inspire your bedroom atmosphere with your choice from an array of inviting different colors including White, Ivory, Lilac, Sage, Taupe, Blue, Gold, Linen, Chocolate, Navy, Burgundy, Black, Blush and Bronze. Available in solid and Damask stripe patterns.


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