Flex-Top California King Bedding for adjustable beds should not be confused with Classic Split “Flex” Cal King Bedding.


A Flex Top California king Adjustable beds are like the California King bed size measurements as it is considered the Longest standard size you can get, Cal King Mattress measures 72 inches from side to side by 84 inches long. However, A Flex Top “half-split” California King mattress is one California King Size mattress with the "split" at the head only, unlike the Split California which two mattresses; each measures 36x84 and when put together, form a California king size bed. See Below Size Cart.

size chart


What is the point of a Flex Head California King Adjustable Beds?

There are couple of advantages the head split Adjustable beds have overcome read on to know these.

Classic split Adjustable mattresses are two with a built-in barrier that makes some couples feel distant or disconnected. Split top adjustable beds have only one Head-Split mattress which allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds, relate to your partner sharing one mattress and enjoy your customized sleeping preference of adjustable beds without disturbing your partner. No more falling between the two mattresses of classic adjustable beds!

Sheets for Split Top Adjustable Beds

Split-top or Split-head bedding are manufactured specifically for these types of adjustable beds with only Flex Head Mattress.

Many complaints include the fact that buying Split Sheets is a bit more complex (Fitted sheets, deep pockets to not pop off and flat sheet), regular split sheets tend to be more expensive and you can imagine what about flex top split Calking sheets in which it’s just fresh in the market as not many stores carry these custom-made sheets.

Why to buy Flex-top sheets at Wholesale Beddings®?

  • Our Half Split Sheets are created especially for top-split adjustable beds.
  • Split-top beds are not common in the market and very few stores offer half-split sheets at expensive prices while, Wholesale Beddings offers high-end split linens at wholesale price.
  • Specialized fitted sheets that can fit mattresses between 10-18 inches deep.
  • Top Sheet with a seam down at the center
  • A split that will not rip, Fully Elasticized Six Pockets that won't pop off.
  • High durability Split-Top sheets that Lasts longer.
  • Free & Fast shipping on Qualified Orders
  • Outstanding customer service
  • A guaranteed satisfaction policy
  • Perfect for Adjustable Split-Top or flex top mattresses, also fits sleep number or tempur-pedic and other brands.

Note! Mattress must NOT be attached to the frame. Fitted sheet pockets must be able to fit UNDER both the head and the foot of the mattress.

Now you know what Flex Top California King Beds are and where you can get the best sheets—you are halfway there!

In conclusion, The Flex Top Split King or Flex Top California King adjustable beds have one mattress with split only at the top half. the adjustable part is the top part while the bottom is like classic bed mattress. While regular Split Beds are in fact two mattresses when put together form the respective bed. high end sheets and bedding sets for these special types of adjustable beds are expensive and hard to find. However, the good news that Wholesale Beddings development team have made it easier for you to tackle these issues with great Sheets quality to be sold almost at cost. Now you know what Flex Top California King Beds are and where you can get the best sheets—you are halfway there.

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Flex Top King Sheet Sets                         Split King Sheets


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