If you are cold sleeper, and you shiver in bed then it is time for flannel sheets, here you will learn about this must have sheets for this winter.

What are Flannel sheets?

Flannel is a loosely knit fabric that is typically made from wool, cotton, or synthetic fibers. It is known for its softness, warmth, and affordability. Flannel bedding is especially popular for making beds cozy in winter months. Flannel sheets use a weight indicator rather than thread count to measure quality. Flannel bedding weight is measured in grams per square meter, or GSM. A higher GSM means more warmth and better quality. There are two ways that the weight will be shown, either in ounces or grams. Flannel sheets with a fabric rating of 170 GSM or higher, or at least five ounces, are long lasting and warm.

Top 6 Features Why to Use Flannel sheets

  1. Provides Extra Warmth compared to other regular cotton sheets.
  2. Flannel does not wrinkle easily, so your sheets will always look nicely pressed.
  3. Flannel Sheets may save you some money on your heating bill in the winter if you adjust your thermostat a few degrees.
  4. Flannel sheets also can wick moisture away from the body, as it is a very absorbent material.
  5. Heavyweight, perfect for cold winter nights and cold sleepers all year round.
  6. Great substitute for lightweight blankets and will keep you warm without any added bulk.


How do I care for my flannel sheets?

To keep fibers soft and prevent colors from fading, wash your flannel sheets with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Thoroughly dry the sheets on a low heat setting to keep the fabric soft and reduce pilling. If you plan on storing your flannel sheets during warmer months, be sure to unfold and shake out your sheets occasionally. This will reduce any flattening of the fuzzy fibers of your sheets.

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