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Percale and Sateen are weaves that contribute to how a set of sheets fibers are woven. When choosing what type of sheets to purchase, keep in mind not only their look and feel, but also their durability and construction. Read on to see which type are ideal fit for your bed.



What does Percale Means?

Percale stands for the weaving process in which the fabric was woven and not the material it was made from. Sheets woven in this manner are elegant and smooth. In Percale, a series of vertical and horizontal threads are woven one at a time which creates a much even, stronger, dense & crispy soft hand feel. It can stand the test of time and obtain an enhanced feel the more times they are washed. Just like your old favorite shirt, the more it's laundered the softer it feels. Here is a list all Percale Sheets we carry

What does Sateen mean?

A sateen weave is created by weaving 1 weft yarns over 4 warp yarns. Thus, fabric production is 4 times faster when weaving sateen fabric than percale fabric . Weft threads pass over 4 of the warp yarns before going under & over from side to side. It creates a fabric with a lustrous surface and extremely soft with a shiny appearance similar to satin. Here is a list of all Sateen Sheets we carry.


The percale weave has a very crisp texture hence it feels slightly powdery when touched. This makes it very comfortable to use at night as it rests on the skin. Washing it correctly (use cold water) can minimize shrinkage & soften the fabric each time it's washed. Percale sheets are strong and durable with noticeably longer life span than sateen sheets. One hundred percent cotton percale sheets feel cool and crisp against the skin, which is especially beneficial during warm weather. Light colors may feel softer as some dark dyes can add stiffness to sheet.

Sateen is very soft to touch. Bed linen manufactured using this weave is smooth with a shiny appearance. It has a refined finish with more flair than a standard weave. Sateen is Durable, has smooth finish and natural sheen.



Breathable, Lightweight bed linens allow the air to circulate, keeping you cool on warm nights and warm on cool nights comfortable all night long. High Durability but more prone to wrinkles, doesn’t have a sheen and has a longer life span.


Very Smooth hand feel, have a low shiny appearance and slightly less wrinkle-Resistance. Sateen fabric is considered as less durable, lower breath ability & lower life span compared to Percale.


How to Wash? Cotton sheets in general ( Percale or Sateen) should be washed in cold water. Washing Cotton sheets in hot water causes excessive shrinkage which make fabric stiff and hard. Wrinkles...?? Since its 100% Cotton yes it will but to reduce wrinkles, remove immediately & shake it out prior to placing it in the dryer, use low temperature setting & remove it while it's still slightly damp to limit wrinkles.

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