Wake up with determination—go to bed with satisfaction.” Author George Lorimer (1867 -1937)

Unwind. Relax. Sleep. We all need sleep after a long and hard day at school or work. It energizes us and quiets our minds. Sleep allows us to function and perform better. It enables us to think more clearly, to analyze complex situations which would otherwise be hindered by lack of sleep, and makes us ready to take on the challenges of the new day.

If you are looking forward to a more restful sleep, then our bamboo sheets are what you are searching for. Bamboo is a highly resourceful natural resource and extremely Eco-friendly. Since it is Eco-friendly, bamboo is hypoallergenic. It will not irritate your skin as you come in contact with bamboo sheets. It has high winking abilities because it is highly absorbent. Bamboo sheets have the ability to treat hot flashes due to its natural thermal-regulated properties and highly absorbent qualities. Bamboo fibers are silky-soft, smooth, cool, and resilient.



HYPOALLERGENIC Bamboo is hypoallergenic. Bamboo consists of a natural substance with a protein structure that is easily recognized by your body. Furthermore, bamboo is anti-microbial. Research has shown that bamboo is able to kill bacteria, fungi, and dust mites even for many years after use.


HIGHLY ABSORBENT Bamboo sheets are made of durable and resilient fibers that make them much more absorbent than cotton fibers, and it makes them excellent against your skin. Those who experience hot flashes and night sweats are at an advantage here, since they can combat their sweat glands with the high absorbency of bamboo sheets. They are of lightweight material and ideal for summer.


THERMAL-REGULATING  Overheating under these bamboo sheets is nearly impossible. They are very smooth, are silky-soft, and have a natural sheen to the sheet’s surface. Bamboo sheets comprise of a soft, silky texture that gives off a wonderful feeling against the skin. One way of explaining why bamboo sheets do not allow for overheating may be of the low thread count of bamboo sheets per square inch. Because of the low thread count, they are more breathable and this explains why people who perspire and sweat easily when sleeping feel cooler when sleeping on bamboo sheets.

The same also goes for people who get colder at night; they feel warmer when they sleep on bamboo sheets. All in all, bamboo sheets have the ability to regulate body temperature depending on the nature of the person’s body.

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