You just purchased a new down comforter. It is lovely. The comforter is providing so much warmth, it almost feels like a godsend, especially since the winter months have been harsh. You have been using it for a week and think “nothing can go wrong.” But, suddenly, some feathers start to escape from the comforter and you wake up with feathers on you. “Oh no! What do I do?” you might be wondering.

Every down comforter has the capacity to leak. When a comforter begins to lose its feathers, it starts to lose its usefulness and warmth. This is linked to the thread count in the weave of the fabric. A comforter with a higher thread count will be more successful at keeping the feathers inside the comforter. Furthermore, the stitching may contribute to the loss of feathers. The tightness of the stitching reduces the chances of feathers trying to escape.feather down


Tips To Avoid This Problem

1. Do not sit on the comforter for too long. Sitting directly on top of the down comforter for long periods of time flattens the comforter, eventually leading the filling to disperse causing the comforter to leak of feathers.

2. Use a duvet cover. Using a duvet cover protects the outer fabric of the comforter and the feather filling from the abrupt movements caused by jumping on top or moving under the comforter. It also protects the comforter from spills and dirt which means minimizing the number of times the comforter needs to be washed. Instead, you just need to wash the duvet cover.

3. Dry-clean or commercial self-service washers. Washing a down comforter in a regular washing machine may cause the comforter to flatten and lose its fluffiness and also may cause it to leak. Either using a dry-cleaning service or going to a commercial self-service laundry will help preserve the comforter.

4. Properly drying the comforter. When wanting to dry the comforter, it must be done by either placing it in a commercial self-service dryer and by setting the dial on low heat, or by taking it to a dry-cleaning company.

5. Airing out the comforter. Air drying this may be another option but without wetting the comforter. It could be placed outside for a day to let it completely air out.

6. Defect in the comforter. If none of these steps has helped with the issue, or the comforter is losing an abnormal amount of feathers, you may need to contact the company and have it replaced with a new one.

Follow these steps and you will surely be amazed at how durable and long-lasting your down comforter can be.

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