Today’s new mattresses are made thicker than the ordinary. These requires special deep pocket fitted sheets to provide proper fit. So if your mattress is thicker than 14 inches or you have a mattress topper, regular sheets might not fit, then an extra deep pocket sheets are the best option. Read on this guide to know most about today’s mattress thickness and the best sheets with deep pockets.


Common Mattress Thickness Measurements 

Twin: Twin mattress thickness often ranges anywhere from 5 inches to 16 inches thick.
Full: Full mattress thickness can vary between 9 inches to over 18 inches in thickness
Queen: Mattress thickness can go anywhere from 11 inches to over 20 inches thick
King: Mattress thickness is often between 12 inches to over 20 inches thick

Mattress manufacturers look to hit popular consumer price points and comfort levels. So as you can see, there is a wide variety of mattress heights. The reason that mattress thickness varies from brand to brand and mattress model to mattress model is primarily due to support levels, quality, and comfort.

Regular mattress models ranging in thickness from 10 to 14 inches thick are the most common to mattress buyers and regular fitted sheets should fit properly. However, Special mattresses can range to well over 20 inches in thickness and that’s great for comfort. Therefore, special sheets with extra deep pockets should be the option because these are deeper fitted sheet than the average sheet set.

As you can see, deep pocket sheet sets created to fit today’s thicker mattresses, also if you have mattress pads, mattress toppers or a pillow topper you might need deep pocket sheets to cover your mattress perfectly.

Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets Measurements

You should always check the depth of your mattress and keep it in mind when considering bed sheets to your thick mattress. Then you decide whether you need deep or extra deep pocket sheets. Here are the common deep fitted sheets measurements that are common and available.

15 inch Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets: Fully elasticized and fits mattresses up to 18 inches deep.


22 Inch Extra Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets: Special made fully elasticized to Fit mattresses up to 22 inches deep.

Why to buy deep pocket Sheets at Wholesale Beddings®?

  • Our Deep Pocket Sheets are created especially for today's thicker mattresses
  • Extra Deep Mattresses are not common in the market and very few stores offer Extra Deep Pocket sheets at expensive prices while, Wholesale bedding offers high-end Deep Pocket linens at wholesale price.
  • Specialized fitted sheets that can fit mattresses between 10-18 inches deep
  • Sheets that won’t rip, Fully Elasticized Pocket Fitted Sheets to not come off
  • High durability Fabrics that Last longer
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Royal Tradition Warrants all its products against all defects.

Just like regular sheets, Wholesale Beddings® Offers Extra deep pocket sheets in a variety of colors, sheets construction material including bamboo, cotton, and percale cotton. Available in most common sizes queen, king, or California king.

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