What Is split king bed, what is Adjustable Bed?

The king-size bed is the widest standard size you can get, usually measuring 76 inches from side to side. A split king or dual king mattress are two mattresses; each are about the size of a twin bed mattress and when put together, form a king size bed. Split king bed sheets are manufactured specifically for these types of adjustable beds. Split king bedding sets are designed for use with split kings.


Adjustable Dual King Beds Pros and Cons


Split king sets allow two people to share a bed without having to share a mattress. Since these are two mattresses, partners can sleep better. The mattresses can become firm or soft depending on your individual sleeping preferences, with the added feature that each mattress can be customized alone. Dual kings also reduce motion transfer, meaning less disruption from one person's restless sleep. Concerning the tossing and turning, your partner (or yourself) will not be bothered by movements of the other. In addition to split mattresses, a dual king bed also makes it easier to move furniture into a room with limited access or a narrow doorway.


The biggest disadvantage of these beds is the barrier in the middle. Some couples may feel distant or disconnected. To others, it may not be an issue. Before you purchase a split king bed, be sure to explore this matter completely.

One more concern here is the idea of purchasing sheets for these beds. A split king mattress needs 2 twin fitted sheets and 1 king flat sheet. It may be irritating to search for sheets like these and may be a bit more expensive than regular sheet sets. in addition to these dual king beds are not yet common in-house households, and so there are only a limited number of bedding stores that carry these specific sheets.

Split King Sheets: Adjustable King Bed Sheets

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